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UPCOMING EVENT: Sacred Healing Meditation Workshop Saturday April 19th
Hawaiian Beach - Holistic Healing

Energy Healing Services

Embrace a new method of healing with energy healing services from Noble Minds. Our customizable healing sessions focus on your health concerns and needs.

Meditation - Holistic Healing


We also offer workshops, training and lectures that teach you basic steps for holistic healing. Allow us to provide insight and training to help you enhance your quality of life.




Deirdre will be presenting a workshop at

The Healing Arts Center in Aiea, HI

Sacred Healing Meditation

Sacred Healing Mediation

Saturday April 19th

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Noble Minds is dedicated to the promotion of personal spiritual growth and physical wellness in everyday life.  We believe that there is one Creative Force but that there are many paths to Truth.  We strive to be but one light on that path.  We are aware of the challenges of everyday life, and hope to act as a companion to others as we make the spiritual journey together.  We offer health services and educational programs as tools to create a positive lifestyle.
The wellness services offered by Deirdre L. Aragon are based on American Indian healing traditions of the Laguna Pueblo.  The educational programs offered by Deirdre and Kathy L. Callahan, Ph.D. are based on the Edgar Cayce readings, Unity principles, world religions and other metaphysical beliefs and practices.
As you review the pages of this website you will have the opportunity to learn more about Noble Minds and our dedication to helping others.  We strive to be a companion on the path of enlightenment and we look forward to seeing you on the journey.

Blessings and Joy,

Deirdre & Kathy

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